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PEX Crimper Improved

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Improved PEX Crimper I’ve been doing a lot of PEX plumbing which involves crimping stainless steel bands. Not the kind of band that plays music but a ring of steel that is crushed by the tool to tighten the PEX … Continue reading

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Pig Bit Watch

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Ben’s Watch Post Pig This is what you get when a pig bites a watch. Good thing it was not an Apple Watch.[1, 2]

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Apple Blossoms

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Apple Blossoms With the recent wind and rain the apple trees have shed some of their blossoms. There are still many on the trees so all should be well with the apple crop. They always bloom extras.

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PEX Parts

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PEX Parts I’ve been working on putting together the filter system and source water supply with pressure pump for the butcher shop. This will take our wonderful spring water and filter it further. The filter maker claims that the fourth … Continue reading

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