Siberian Tiger Swimming

Siberian Tiger Swim
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As is tradition, our mermaid went for a swim long before ice out on the upper pond.

Hope was only in the water for a few minutes, right next to the iceberg. While the snow bank she walked across barefoot to get to and from the pond measured the standard 32°F of ice, the water was a relatively warm 36°F. The water flowing into the pond from the sap house spring was a balmy 40°F which is why the pond is warm. Since the spring water is flowing through over 2,000′ of 2″ pipe along the surface of the ground under snow I suspect that the spring itself is more like 45°F. Once the snow melts off the water line road the black pipe will change from being a water chiller to a water heater bringing up the temperature of the pond.

Also in this picture a mini-tour of our farm:

Hanno chewing on something, or somebody, he found in his refrigerator – the snow bank.

The greenhouse south of the pond over to the far left in the photo.

Kavi and Romula spy hopping for mice over to the south end of the pond.

The giant reel we used to unwind the new 2″ pipe to the spring.

Remus next to the bonfire rock table.

Our cottage to the right with the Kite in the Tree behind it.

The treehouse behind the cottage up by Mystery Pond.

Sugar Mountain behind the treehouse grove of pines.

Ben walking in front of Amby, our backup delivery truck.

Katya coming up the driveway from inspecting pigs on the strawberry level.

The butcher shop where I just finished doing the ventilation.

Knox Mountain in the far distance behind the butcher shop.

While yesterday we hand no bare patches of ground, a few are in evidence today. Spring is around the corner.

Outdoors: 57°F/27°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Weeds are just food you haven’t eaten yet.

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