Apple Watch

On Sale starting today!

Apple Watch – Too expensive to have on a farmer’s wrist. “Do not get me one for my birthday,” I said to my wife. “No problem,” she replied.

Pear Watch – I don’t need two of them either.

Watermelon Watch – Weighs 10 lbs, waterproof and a lot cheaper. Interferes with throwing bales and can cause tendonitis but is good for upper body workouts.

Clementine Watch – A light weight, cheap ripoff of the Orange Watch, smells just as good and keeps the same time.

Orange Watch – Or not.

Corn Watch – Only sold in the mid-west since all GMO Corn Watches tell the exact same time and are accurate twice a day.

Wheat Watch – Non-GMO except for those few exceptions that got out in the wild.

Soy Watch – Not the real thing. Doesn’t taste like the real thing. Doesn’t keep time.

Coke Watch – It’s the real thing. Just make sure you get the right one and not the left one.

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Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

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5 Responses to Apple Watch

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Walter, a quick question. We have successfully artificially inseminated one of our two gilts. Clementine is due on May 4th or there about. She and her sister, Mahogany have been housed together (in a shelter very similar to your greenhouse on a much smaller scale) since the late summer. My question is, should we be concerned about how “aunt Mahogany” will react to the piglets? Part of me says that since they will be fine together, that Clem will find a spot she likes away from Mahogany, but another part says that Mahogany will view the piglets as a lovely array of hors d’ouevres and there will be trouble. Should we fence Mahogany off? We can easily run a hot wire through their yard and provide a separate shelter for Mahogany. Thanks so much for your willingness to share your knowledge!

    • I would give them separate spaces starting two weeks before the farrowing date so that the farrowing one will have privacy in her nest. The non-farrowing pig does not have the right hormones kicking in the instincts to prevent crushing. Use a physical fence at minimum. A hot wire added on each side is fine to add. The mesh at the bottom should stop piglets from wandering across. There are graduated hog panels that are appropriate for this.

      Having them near each other should keep them happy enough with company. The non-farrowing sow is a risk of killing and eating piglets. It is unusual but can happen. I have never had a sow eat her own piglets, just sows that ate the piglets of sows lower in the hierarchy. We call these sows Hannibal as in the cannibal and we cull them.

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks Walter, we will work on some fencing this week then. I appreciate your quick response. We are enjoying some beautiful spring weather here in Ontario, Canada. The snow is almost gone. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine there too!

  3. Aaron says:

    Walter do you even have a watch? I mean I dont remember ever seeing one on you and I can imagine in your work it might get really busted up, wet manurey etc.

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