Embedded iWatch 2nd Gen

You might remember the Apple pPods the members of our family got installed a few years ago. It’s been a real boon to communications both on the farm and over the internet so I can answer email questions, communicate with customers and access the world from our mountain top.

This year we got an early, early pre-prototype of the new iWatch 2nd Generation. It uses the advanced tattoo circuits that are bonded right into the wearer’s skin providing an organic LED display (oLED). This makes it fully waterproof and it is powered by bio-energy so it requires no charging as long as I eat enough chocolate.

While the first generation iWatch only ran special Apple Watch apps the 2nd Gen version has full emulation. The iWatch 2G integrates seamlessly with iPodTouch, iPhone and MacComputers for a total data driven experience. In addition to running all the newest and legacy iOS software it also runs all MacOS X and MacClassic software and even Windows and MSDOS since Apple acquired Microsoft last month.

Imagine running X-Plane on your wrist – Just be careful of processor overheating and don’t get dizzy!

iWatch Phone Mode

You might notice that even though I have the notebook function of the new iWatch I still sometimes keep notes on my good old PalmPilot.

As shown below the iWatch also comes with a video mode.

iWatch Video Phone Mode

So far, after two weeks of use, I haven’t found any problems with the tattoo implant other than a little pain in the wrist which faded after a few days.

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5 Responses to iMWatchingU

  1. JohnL says:

    I’m way ahead of you Walter. I’ve had a Seiko watch embedded in my wrist since an angry cow kicked me in 1971. In fairness to the cow it must be said that she was in no way vindictive. She kicked everybody indiscriminately. The watch keeps the correct time for half the year as i can’t adjust it for daylight saving. I polish the face of it every year, on April 1st. I do this with tongue firmly in cheek.

  2. amin the pm says:

    Nice start for April Fool’s Day.

  3. Bob says:

    I can imagine how this could increase productivity, however I expect that time installing updates and tracking down settings that have gone awry, plus the constant notifications could wind up wiping out any productivity gains. I would also be concerned about viruses and malware invading the human body system. Who knows what could happen then.

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