Rare Jeffries Family Portrait

Jeffries Family Portrait

This is a very rare Jeffries Family portrait which shows my father, all of my brothers and sisters, most of our spouses and all of our children. Although not quite complete I like this photo due to the lighting. It, taken at Arrowhead Recreation Area in Claremont, NH. Missing are just my mother and the wives of two of my brothers.

Jeffries Family Portrait

They joined us shortly afterwards for an excellent dinner at The Common Man also in Claremont, NH. Three generations all together. There is a large 11 year age span from the oldest to youngest of my siblings and then again another large 11 year age span in our own children, Will, Ben and Hope, plus nearly ten more years gap down to the youngest child of my youngest brother and his wife. There’s an eighty year span from youngest to eldest. This almost creates the illusion of four generations. Rabbits we are not.

There is a story there, that my mother told the waitress at the restaurant, explaining that “she and my father always used to use a plastic drinking cup in the bathroom and that’s why they had so many kids. And then when they switched to paper cups they stopped having kids!” The word is that both my mother and father were family physicians which casts a small amount of doubt on the veracity of this fable, despite its elements of truth. A small dose of truth often makes for the best stories.

Many of us still reside in New England but some moved westward and some moved out of the country so getting everyone together is rare. On a beautiful sunny day for a photo was even better.

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  1. Jeanne A Jeffries says:

    A very nice photo from the day of winter sports and good write up about the photo at dinner. Thank you for doing this.

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