Winter Garden Paddock

Sows, Piglets & Berkshire Boar Spitz

In the winter we shift the pigs down off of the mountain pastures into winter paddocks closer to the house. These areas are more protected from the wind, closer to the waterers and have open shelters with deep bedding packs.

While winter isn’t over yet here on the mountain, we’re edging out of the intensely cold period and appreciating all the sunshine and blue sky weather.

Outdoors: 30°F/14°F Partially Sunny, 1″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/62°F

Daily Spark: “Remember that God loves the noise just as much as She loves the signal.” -DLS’s Friend at Hughes

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2 Responses to Winter Garden Paddock

  1. suz says:

    the bldg on the right in your winter paddock photo looks like a log house, but maybe mine eyes deceive me. is it?/how old is it? i used to live near akron, ohio, and my next-door neighbor discovered, when they went to have their house sided, that originally, a large section of their house had been a log house. sort of a house within a house. they exposed and restored the exterior of one end of the house.

    • That is our old farm house which was originally built in 1777 according to what I have been told, rebuilt from the log cabin to post and beam in the early 1800’s, expanded later, burned down part way, got used as a sheep barn and was then somewhat restored, just enough for the previous owner Lloyd to use it as a summer get away. This was perhaps the first house in the valley which became a town and then gradually the town vanished so that this is the last house left of the originals. We lived there for a while when we first came to the land before we built our cottage just up hill. The old farm house, called the “Old Maids’s place” (That’s plural possessive) was probably built here because it is in the lee of the mountain protected by the winds, just downhill from a strong spring which they ran wooden pipes from and has some of the most level land around it, although not what most people would call flat. Also see here and here.

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