Blue Sky on Snow Cover

Blue Sky on Snow Covered Butcher Shop

The winter weather has broken. Temperatures above zero, mostly, predicted for the future until next winter. Blue skies.

The butcher shop, shown in the photo above, has a flat roof, which is less than usual for our climate. People tend to think of dumping the snow because of the weight. I do the opposite.

Snow has valuable insulation properties keeping both the winter winds and the sun off the roof. The sun heats roofs which warms the wrong structure and the heating cooling cycle causes decay of the structure. The wind, well it’s just cold, stealing heat from us unnecessarily. By designing our roofs to retain snow we are protected from our extremes of weather.

Outdoors: 24°F/0°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/60°F

Daily Spark: Astronauts and authors hang out with typists at the space bar.

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4 Responses to Blue Sky on Snow Cover

  1. Sarah T says:

    Have you considered a green roof? My understanding is that you get 4 season protection. Just wondering!

  2. Julia says:

    It helps that the building is so strong!

  3. Someone asked via email: “Reading the latest blog you mentioned the butcher shop has a flat roof, wouldn’t that cause problems with weigh of snow to collapse unless you have it reinforced to prevent such occurrences also what about leaks?”

    Close-To-Flat would be a better way of saying it. Walking on it would think of it as flat but water flows off it as it has considerable slope. The four quadrants each slope from the center to their compass corner to a drain where we can later put a gargoyle. There is a ridge all around about 6″ high to make it not drip randomly but direct the water out the corner monsters. We’re looking forward to carving them someday.

    Strength-wise though it could hold a glacier. The dynamic forces of dropping a carcass on a rail below is a big concern load-wise – that was my load limiting factor.

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