Split Ends

Tamboar’s Boar Bristles

Pigs have split ends. Massively split ends. This is the norm on the very large pigs. I think I might have figured out an evolutionary function of split ends.

I see this most of all in the winter coats of the pigs. I suspect that the ends create a feathering that can trap heat close to their body and protect them from the chill winds.

So revel in your split ends. They may keep you warm…

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Tiny Cottage: 64°F/58°F

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5 Responses to Split Ends

  1. am in the pm says:

    Looks like a field of hay raked neat & orderly

  2. wacky internet comment guy says:

    You must not be brushing Tamboar’s hair correctly. Perhaps it is time for Tamboar to visit a fancy upscale hair salon. You might want to switch brands of shampoo and conditioner too! I imagine a few spa days during mud season is all he will get. If not, I have a line of pig hair lotions available at a modest cost.

  3. Helga says:

    I’m glad I found this post! I have a mini pig with split ends and I was concerned it might indicate a vitamin deficiency. Your theory is interesting and makes sense.

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