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Improved Feed Digestibility via Probiotics

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Boar Carrying Hay Time to time someone tells me pigs can’t eat grass, can’t eat pasture, can’t grow on a low calorie diet, must be fed grain, etc. Aside from the fact that not all pasture is grass they are … Continue reading

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Winter Trails

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Winter Pig Trail While technically, by the calendar, it may be spring, it is still winter here on the mountain. As such, the pigs are sticking close to their winter trails where the snow is packed hard making travel easy.

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Rare Jeffries Family Portrait

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Jeffries Family Portrait This is a very rare Jeffries Family portrait which shows my father, all of my brothers and sisters, most of our spouses and all of our children. Although not quite complete I like this photo due to … Continue reading

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Roof Snow Layers

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Roof Snow Layers I had mentioned before about how the many feet of snow we get each winter packs down to thin hard layers. The snow on the edge of this roof shows it really well. Part of that effect … Continue reading

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