Greenhouse Tarp Prepped

Greenhouse Cover Ready to Pull

The 100’x56′ billboard tarp for the greenhouse arrived yesterday. Will, Ben and I got it positioned out along side the frame and then this morning Hope helped us put the 96′ long pipe through the eastern hem of the tarp.

The west side of the tarp is now battened to the foundation side walls of the greenhouse and the rest of it is bundled up so the wind can’t catch it. That is why the big hay bales are pressed up tight – they’re holding the great sail down. The mainyard is tied to the base of the ribs.

We threw ropes up over the frame and will use those to pull the mainsail up and over. To do that we must wait for a time when there is no wind. That is hard in our area as we have near constant wind. It may be that we wait for a lull rather than a true calm. The time will come, we’ll take the chance, pulling 5,600 sq-ft of sail up and over, quickly. Unlike a sailing ship we do not really want to catch the wind and go flying off southeastward into the rising sun.

Everything is ready. Now we wait.

Outdoors: 17°F/-11°F Snowy, Windy
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/56°F

Daily Spark: Cow-a-bungie! (Picture of a cow bunjie jumping.)

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4 Responses to Greenhouse Tarp Prepped

  1. Jesse says:

    What do you do about the snow already inside the hoop house? Do you plow the snow out after you have the roof tarped?

    • Combination of things:
      1) Plow out some of it;
      2) The composting wood chips under it is already melting the snow;
      3) The pigs will build their nests melting it; and
      4) the heat of the captured passive solar energy will warm the interior melting more.

      • Jesse says:

        Thank you, Walter! The reason I asked is because you said that pigs dont do well nesting in a soggy place and thats one reason airflow is important in their shelters.

        • Before we setup the nest in the north end of the greenhouse area we first removed the layer of snow and then added hay. The small amount of snow left on the wood chips melts and drains away. The entire greenhouse is sloped to help with drainage which is why the north west corner posts are shorter than the south east corner posts. That gives a bit of oddness in perspective in some of the photos because the greenhouse frame is flat and level while the land under it is sloping.

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