Pet Snake

Electrical Snake

This is my pet electrical snake. I like it a lot better than the metal tape snakes I had in the past because this is a round plastic which bends well in all directions, does not easily jam (but still does some) and the tip doesn’t (hasn’t) broken off (yet). All good points in this snake’s favor.

Sometimes my snake chases my mouse. The mouse helps when the snake is reluctant to go through a tight spot in the conduit.

I’m now finishing up the electrical wiring in the laundry and lower mechanical room – two outlets left to go. Then I’ll be wiring up the two hot water heaters before switching to either ventilation or water supply plumbing.

Someone asked if my outdoor temperatures (below) are with wind chill. The answer is no. That is just the air temperature. I don’t have anything to measure wind chill. We almost always have wind, stand to the lee, so the wind chill is a lot lower. Fortunately it is dry in the winter. I got reminded of this yesterday when I spilled fast evaporating acetone on my hand. I had a cotton glove on which accented the effect. Near instant freeze!

Normally I don’t pay a lot of attention to wind chill charts – I just stay out of the wind when possible, use good winter cloths and goggles when necessary. According to the Wiki wind chill chart it was about 40°F below last night with the wind. I can believe it. What is amazing is that same chart says that we sometimes get nearly 100°F below with wind chill. That seems hard to believe.

In any case, don’t lick the metal railing.

Outdoors: -4°F/-18°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/55°F

Daily Spark: Research shows that on average vegans live six months longer than people who eat meat. To do that they must go for 30 years without eating bacon. Deal breaker.

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  1. karl says:

    i’ve had a round plastic style snake for a few of years. the tip broke very early on. it is still better than any flat steel tape I have used. i just electrical tape the pulling wire to the round plastic fish-tape.

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