Dryer Plug

Dryer Plug

There are a lot of different types of plugs and sockets. The ostentatious reason is to keep people from plugging the wrong things into sockets. I sometimes suspect the real reason behind some of the variations is commercial competition. Greed.

The reason I say greed is the cause is there are some cases of incompatibility that defy safety logic. I see this in the conduit as well. I’ve got two right angle access boxes I just installed that have different covers and are of slightly different sizes. Standardization people! This is something that has been done for a long time so I would expect them to have worked out their differences by now.

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Daily Spark: Flours are like potato chips. Nobody ever buys just one flour.

4 thoughts on “Dryer Plug

  1. Try Europe, some countries have their own socket designs. My favorite was Spain. The traditional plug was two holes. The idea was back in the day you could just stick bare wires in the holes. I dare say more than a few fires was caused by this arrangement.

    Apple is just mean spirited with their connectors. They add a ridge to prevent their USB extension cables from working with other devices. More than once I pulled out an Apple extension cable only to be reminded they aren’t compatible. It’s just petty. I got tired of their sandboxing obsession and my iMac is the last Apple device I own. I also got tired of it with iTunes and haven’t bought anything off it in two years. Unfortunately so long as people put up with the corporate BS nothing will change.

  2. I agree Walter, my pet peeve is hose fittings. “Is that 40mm outside diameter or internal diameter?” It doesn’t stop there though, fixing anything requires removing everything then taking it all into town, if I don’t you can guarantee I’ll be doing at least two trips. Which is a problem for things like water, which the stock are counting on having available at all times.

    You have given me inspiration, I’ve read most of your posts on raising pigs, we have bought some land and will be giving it a go later this year once we have shifted. The cheapest land in New Zealand isn’t alpine though, it’s in a sub tropical paradise. Once the most populated part of NZ, people no longer want to live there because it is too isolated. Which suits me fine.

  3. Thank you for everything you’re doing! I am so inspired by how you do things and value how you think. I am interested in your thoughts on Earthships. I recently met a young couple who have built a small earthship home on the outskirts of our town. I am seriously considering adding an earthship concept root cellar, to the side of my home. It just seems to be a very good usage for this purpose. Are you familiar with Earthships? I embrace recycling and have a very limited budget.

    • I think the general concept is good. Implementations that I have heard of and read of left something to be desired. I would ease into the idea with building small models and observing how they perform through the seasons so as to gain a better understanding of issues.

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