Greenhouse North End Wall Tarp

Greenhouse with Wind Blocked North Wall

Perhaps the most important thing in the winter is a wind block. We get near constant wind from the north west. Sugar Mountain blocks much of it and is probably why our homestead was built here in the late 1700’s. The fact that there are good springs up hill of the old farm house are likely the other reason.

Inside of Greenhouse North Wall

The north wall is covered with a billboard tarp. Actually, several billboards heat glued together. This makes a continuous wind block that is pressed up against the stud wall by the wind that then flows around the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not on the exact north south axis but a bit east to take advantage of this effect of the north wall creating a lee to protect the rest of the structure.

Exterior of North Wall of Greenhouse

The windward side of the greenhouse, the north end, the back side of the tarp where the brunt of the storms and north west winds will hit. Our weather may be cold but getting out of the wind, being in the lee of almost anything, makes a huge difference. Thus why we’ve built animal nesting areas into the mountain over the years, in the lee of wind breaks like cliffs, stone walls and tree lines.

Tractor and Siege Tower in Low Position

Having a lift, in our case our tractor mounted Siege Tower made the process of building the greenhouse far easier and safer than it would have been otherwise. The classic man lifts would not have been able to deal with our rough terrain and snow conditions never mind the high cost of them. I’m sure we’ll find more uses for the siege tower in the future. Once you have a hammer, all the world looks like a nail…

Outdoors: 12°F/4°F Overcast, 4″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/58°F

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  1. David Caton says:

    Walter, Would you share how you attached the siege tower to your forks on your tractor? I’m building one for my forks to work on the barn. Thanks. Dave

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