Cheap Screw

Stripped Head of Cheap Screw

I’m working on finishing up the electrical wiring for our butcher shop. A frustration is the cheap quality of the screws used by the outlet makers. The soft metal and shallow heads strip out way too easily even with the proper screw drivers.

There are good screws. They use high quality harder steel. They have deeper slots. The really good ones are stainless. So I buy them by the boxes and am constantly replacing these cheap ones with better quality. Since I buy high quality outlets and switches I would expect the manufacturers to also use high quality connector parts. Especially for those that are meant for wet locations and commercial installations.


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Daily Spark: There are screw drivers, good screw drivers and then there are common pimps.

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6 Responses to Cheap Screw

  1. Nance says:

    be careful of your fingerprints. I heard on TV that people can take a photo of your fingers in a photo and hack you (if you have finger print security). Oh, I don’t know enough even to warn anybody . . . and it is unbelievable what the computers, internets, apps can do . . . so just be careful!

  2. I am increasingly disappointed with the crap that is shoveled on us. It seems more and more difficult to find a good product, even as you have noted above, regardless of the money you throw at it.

    The money is worthless, the product is worthless and the results (despite your best efforts) are sub-par at best. I’m not sure what is driving it and I’m not sure what the solution is, but the manufactures are creating a buy it on Friday, do your project and return it on Monday consumer when they make products that barely last the weekend.

  3. Eileen Grant Szeto says:

    I hear you when it comes to screws. No one wants to take the time but I usually never have a problem if I drill a pilot hole and use a little lubricant. Kind of like time well spent on foreplay!

  4. LA Jensen says:

    Walter, you might find this web site interesting – re value of money.

    Larry Jensen

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