Sugar Mountain Frosted

Sugar Mountain Frosted
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To the left is the peak of Sugar Mountain after a hard wind and snow. Looking straight up the middle of the valley Knox Mountain can be seen through the notch in the distance at the north of our valley.

Dead center is our whey driveway which leads down the mountain from the upper whey tanks, circling around the butcher shop and out to Riddle Pond Road.

Click the photo for a much larger version you can pan around.

Outdoors: 23°F/-4°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/60°F

Daily Spark: Cartoon: two worms hanging on hooks and one says to the other, “I thought they said ‘debate team’.”

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2 Responses to Sugar Mountain Frosted

  1. Frank Bell says:

    I have a question. Until this week I had 3 pigs together on pasture. One was removed and sent to the butcher. Since her absence the other two are eating very little. Is this normal behavior? They will not even eat apples which previously were gobbled up immediately.

    • It’s not a behavior I’ve seen. Even when we only had a few pigs I didn’t see this sort of thing. I would look towards something else being off such as them catching a cold or something which pigs can do. Check their temperature. You may want to consult the disease diagnostic tool on That tends to return a lot of false positives but may help give some ideas. Good luck!

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