Let There Be Light!

Bathroom Light Switch

I’ve been working this month on wiring the electric in the butcher shop. That is to say, filling in all that nice conduit maze that I buried in the walls when we poured and coved before plastering the walls.

The light switch above looks a little different than most household light switches because it is designed for wet areas like butcher shops. One can hose down the room without getting electrocuted. All of our wet rooms have this sort of protection for the electrical outlets and switches.

The electrical breaker panels are concentrated in the hall for the most part, a dry area, and then doubly protected within stainless steel cabinets Will fabricated. This will keep the breakers away from the corrosive organic acids we use for cleaning and sanitizing.

Today I was wiring the inspector’s office and outlets for the soon to arrive super freezer that is colder than Hell. Yesterday I wired up the Fricon Fridge, our super fridge. Later these will have most of their work taken over by FCB when we build out that section of the butcher shop.

Outdoors: 28°F/4°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/60°F

Daily Spark: Pasturing: Start slowly and rotate quickly.

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