Polyurea and Tape Boot Patching

Tape and Polyurea

Boots wear out. Sometimes we wear out our souls. Sometimes we get punctures in the sides from projections like sticks or rocks. Even the best boots we’ve found to date wear out. If a boot lasts a year we’re doing well. Wet feet are no fun. Especially in the winter.

Polyurea Patched Big Hole

We’ve tried a variety of compounds from shoo-goo to tape to rubber cement to patch the boots but these patches don’t tend to last very well. They’re just not tough enough.

Too Much Moisture – Needed to be Drier

The latest method involves polyurea. It looks better than any compound I’ve tried before being a lot tougher and more adhesive. This polyurea is a two part chemical that we mix up to coat the walls, floors and ceilings of our butcher shop so that the concrete is sealed and cleanable. It’s perfect for that task, producing a tough slightly elastic surface. It appears to have fixed holes both small and very large on these four boots. In a year we’ll know just how good it is.

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9 Responses to Polyurea and Tape Boot Patching

  1. Walter, I agree, wet feet are no fun. I also get tired of wearing boots period. It seems like we need to wear boots the majority of the year here, and I’m sure Vermont is no better.
    Finally, I suggest a vacation if your souls are getting worn out. :)

    • We did, to Cape Cod this fall for two days and a night.

      Interestingly, pigs have a very different thought on wet feet – they like standing in water even in cold weather. Given the choice of standing on dry land, snow, hay pack or in a puddle they’ll often stand in a puddle happily considering the world. They have full choices so I take it that is their preference at times.

  2. Peter says:

    I would assume you mean “soles” and not “souls.”

    If the latter is wearing out but fixable via chemical process, well that is an interesting tidbit about Yankee Ingenuity. :-)

  3. Trey Jackson says:

    Have I plugged sugru? It’s pretty strong and flexible. I’ve not put it through the ringer like I imagine your boots would put it through. It’s probably expensive – compared to what you’re currently using.

    It’s also good for “hacking” existing tools/equipment/electronics.

  4. kev says:

    Walter, thanks for this great site. The boots shown in the pic don’t look like the Muck’s that you’ve previously mentioned. How did this “other brand” work?

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