Big Punch Hoe Train

Punch Hoe Train

We saw this interesting machine drive up to the railroad tracks and climb on to the south bound line.

Rather than the digging bucket being on an articulated arm it is on a linear retracting arm. Very different than our backhoe or the track hoe we bring in on occasion.

The tracks were wet and he seemed to be having a hard time getting going but once he had momentum away he went. Hope he doesn’t have to stop suddenly!

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Daily Spark: Daddy, where did i come from? Well, my child, when two mathemeticians fall in love they get together and, er, well, they multiply and when you multiply the square root of -1 by itself it is no longer imaginary… and there you are!

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  1. Peter says:

    This immediately reminded me of “Railroad Alaska.” Except they use regular excavators. I do see the regular road-going Gradalls driving around here, not surprised someone did a hack for a track-going version.

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