Iron Horse in Waterbury

Raging Iron on Sky

Occasionally I go down off the mountain on the delivery route. Yes, the world is still there. In Waterbury, Vermont I spotted something new by the side of the road.

Iron Horse Sculpture

It was a magnificent and enormous sculpture of a horse made from propane tanks. What a blast!

The Artist: Martin McGowan

While we were admiring the sculpture, the owner of the land drove up and told us the back story. The sculptor is a friend of his. The land owner was giving the sculptor’s work some exposure there by the side of the road. It is a fantastic spot with the view of Camel’s Hump a.k.a. the Sleeping Lion Mountain off in the distance.

If you want to know more about this steed or the creator contact:

Martin McGowan

Turned out the land owner was someone we knew indirectly. He was the past owner of Cold Hollow Cider Mill where we get apple pomace sometimes for our pigs. Small world!

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8 Responses to Iron Horse in Waterbury

  1. Nance says:

    Awesome! Great piece. I wish I could weld, cut and solder!

  2. Pamela Rivers says:

    It’s a beautiful sculpture. It’s a shame it isn’t in a better place for viewing.

  3. Tim says:

    The “sculpture is a friend of his…”. I assume the sculptor is a friend also.

    • Farmerbob1 says:


      Tim is referring to this:

      “The sculpture is a friend of his. The land owner was giving the sculpture’s work some exposure there by the side of the road.”

      Like the sign in the picture says, the word for one who sculpts sculptures is ‘sculptor’

      Tim, you can be a little more direct when you point out spelling mistakes, Walter won’t break.

    • Tim says:

      Sorry for the confusion. The sculptor is the friend of the landowner. The work of the sculptor is the sculpture. The work of the sculpture is to demonstrate the ability of trash to become treasure in the hands of a skilled artist. In any case, it is a nice statue.

      • I think my gramma’s purser broker. :) Thanks for taking the time. Let me know if I got it right. I really do appreciate the feedback and am too close to the writing to catch subtle things sometimes.

        • Farmerbob1 says:

          We all have our bad writing habits. If I didn’t have a spellchecker, I’d never spell surprise correctly (I always try to spell it suprise.) I also tend to use some specific words and phrases WAY too much in free writing, and have to go back and edit to reduce the frequency of occurrence.

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