Found Object: Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball in Hay Bale

We find a variety of interesting objects in our hay bales. This year’s special is a rubber ball. It’s pretty chewed up, probably from the haying machine.

Other year’s we’ve found iron rods, knives, hose clamps, tent posts and all sorts of interesting things. See the Found objects for more…

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10 Responses to Found Object: Rubber Ball

  1. Patrick says:

    When I bought our land in 1998 it was wooded. In it was a blue rubber ball.

    During construction it moved around the land, staying within eyesight of the house but sometimes on different sides of it. The builders talked about how it moved to and fro overnight. I moved in, moved out and moved back in again. Through two hurricanes and several real bad supercell storms it remained.

    Ten years later it finally disappeared.

    Two days later a new ball arrived of a slightly different size and color. Almost six years later it is still moving around our woods.

    I kid you not.

    • Nance says:

      I like this story. Seems to be the way of our life, doesn’t it? : )

      • Patrick says:

        Pretty much. My wife used to hate the thing but didn’t know the history (she wasn’t even on my radar when I bought this land). She didn’t believe me until “the swap”.

        I caught her tossing a used exercise ball into the woods last year. She wondered if the other one was lonely. So yeah, it’s gotten to be a bit of a joke around here.

        The exercise ball also remains.

    • holly says:

      I am confused. Is this a ball that you can actually go out and pick up? Did you examine it and then choose to leave it there. Seems like there may be a young spirit who likes to play. Does the exercise ball move about too?

  2. Pablo says:

    I love this category of posts!

  3. Adam Mortson says:

    Gross thought of the day, month, year… What if you find a kid’s shoe in the next bail…….with the foot still in it.

  4. I can handle most anything we find when we bale hay, except those dead snakes. Especially when they turn out not to be dead at all.

  5. am in the pm says:

    My first thought was it’s a glove

  6. This post originally appeared back in April. There appears to be a bug in the new version of WordPress that caused the post to move into the pending queue and get republished now in November when I did the latest upgrade. I haven’t seen any other oddities so hopefully it was just an anomaly.

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