All the News that Print to Fit

All the News that Print to Fit – No Space Left Unsquashed

Gotta love the local newspaper. Besides getting thinner they also seem to have gotten rid of all their proofreaders and replaced their typesetters with software that removes spaces until the letters finally fit onto the column width – damn the spaces.

What’s worst about this is they created an orphan in the next line at the end of the paragraph which is a typographic no-no. Had they left the spaces in they could have avoided the orphan. I see this happening a lot recently in this local paper in addition to a great many typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and even typos in headlines, above the fold on the front page no less. Please, someone proofread! Apparently the budget cuts have reached deeply into the editorial staff.

On that topic, if you ever see mistakes on my web pages, feel free to email me as I appreciate edits. One of the wonderful things about publishing on the web is we can fix the typos. I published books and a paper magazine for 15 years and I’ll willing admit a few typos got through, although fortunately never in the headlines. I really like being able to edit now that I publish electronically.

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9 Responses to All the News that Print to Fit

  1. Erik says:

    “and I’ll willing admit a few typos got through.” I can’t tell if you did that on purpose or not!

  2. Rebecca F. says:

    I find typos all the time in published books! I cannot believe they do not check for errors. Nowadays everyone is in a hurry. It looks sloppy.

  3. Nance says:

    This is my pet peeve too, in regards to our daily paper (well, 5 weekday paper). Please, please! have someone read it before publication.

  4. Terry S says:

    I was a newspaper editor for Air Fore base newspapers for 10 of my 20 years of service. If I even had so much as a misplaced comma in my paper I would find myself standing in front of my boss trying to explain how I could make such an error.
    I edited/proofread my wife’s papers for her undergraduate degree in nursing, then her law school education, followed by her Master’s Degree in Nursing. To this day I still proofread newspapers as a kind of hobby to see just how many errors are made (I find a pile of them.) I enjoy your typos — they keep my mind sharp.

  5. Peter says:

    Yours is not an uncommon complaint Walter. Blame the internet — the loss of advertising revenue means the newspapers cannot spend on the basics of copywriters, editors, etc. It’s a frequent comment even in the Washington Post story comments about how frequently this stuff gets through.

    • I wish it were as simple as blaming the internet but I watched this trend start before that. It certainly has accelerated for just the reasons you give though. The remaining staff is overworked and the publishers are not setting the tone of taking pride in their work. As Holly points out, for them it’s another day another paper another typo – they just move on and don’t care.

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