First Fire Fall 2014

First Fire of the Fall

Today Will and I cleaned out the chimney and we lit our first fire of the cold season. We love hearing that chuff-chuff sound of the choo-choo train starting up as the draft took. We’ve launched!

In other news, Frankie lives again. My aging PowerBook G4 notebook computer had once again taken a dive down death’s door but this afternoon I was able to combine a process, drive, keyboard and other parts from other computers to rebuild him. It just goes to show you can’t keep a good computer down.

Outdoors: 52°F/43°F Partially Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/58°F

Daily Spark: Virgin Galactic’s 55 successful space flights is a damn good. Well, 54… Still, those are good odds. Better than most people play in the lotto.

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4 Responses to First Fire Fall 2014

  1. eggyknap says:

    I’m jealous. Here in central Utah, we’re nearing the end of our first half cord of wood, and if not for the coal supply, we’d have used more. Something to do, no doubt, with the giant drafty farmhouse we’re living in…

  2. Nance says:

    Well, one has to know what one is doing. Walter can resurrect ‘a good computer’. This ol’ gal can’t even figure out how to install the replacement ‘C’ key on my laptop.

    • When I was a child the town dump was an open field. I was able to go in and pull stuff out that people had thrown away like TVs, radios, typewriters, etc. I would take them apart to see how they worked and fixed a large number, often combining parts, sometimes building entirely new devices in my mad scientist laboratory under the watchful eye of my assistant cat Igor. This led me to checking out books at the library to figure out how things worked. My mother many times stated that it is a Jeffries characteristic to do engineering and that you can tell I’m one because the second thing I would do on getting a present is take it apart and put it back together. Her side of the family was similarly incline as is my wife’s family. So as you can imagine, our kids have the engineering genes in force. Tinker, tailor…

      • Nance says:

        Walter, I had a brother just like you. He too took each new toy or item apart and put it back together. He, too, had the town dump at his disposal and culled much. Unfortunately for me, my mother kept her daughters close at hand and at the house. I’m still pouting over the inequality of it all!

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