Piglet Hut

Piglets in Hut

Pigs don’t need much in the way of shelter and actually prefer sleeping out in the open most of the time, sometimes making their nests in the shrubbery and under conifers.

They do need protection from the sun, the opposite of what many people think. These piglets have sought out the shade provided by this shelter because it is protecting them from overheating and from the ultraviolet. Tanners they’re not.

Outdoors: 37°F/21°F High Winds, Overcast
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/57°F

Daily Spark: “That was a call from animal control, dear.” I said to my wife as I hung up the phone, “Our daughter is out howling with the wolves, again.”

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4 Responses to Piglet Hut

  1. Ed Allison says:

    Are the 2 wooden posts into the ground? I’m just wondering if you need to anchor it down to keep the sow from pushing it around.

  2. Nance says:

    A safe house for the piglets. I like that.

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