Blurred Vision

My Medicine Bottles as I see them…

About two weeks ago I got an eye infection that progressed into the interior of my eye. My right eye is fine, but I get this over lapping image which gives me a worse headache than usual. The doctor gave me several medications in drop and ointment form to apply to my eye – a total of 9+ applications per day since they need to be spaced out. Each type gets a different count and timing per day. A complicated schedule.

The medications actually make the vision even blurrier. On one of the bottles it talked about causing the exact symptoms it cures. Hopefully it solves the underlying problem and then I’ll see well again once I stop taking the medications. At this point my eye feels much better after a week of the medication but I still see the world like the photo above.

What you would see…

Beware of the bottle on the left. It looks surprisingly like my eye drops but I wouldn’t want to put it in my eye. Upon realizing this potential point of pain I removed the superglue bottle from my office. No need for a nasty surprise.

Part of Why I See What I See…
My left eye, on the right side of the photo, is fully dilated from the medication. This is after over 12 hours since the last dilating drops. Being fully open makes it much harder to focus. This helps with my Mad Scientist look.

So you’re probably wondering how I got an infection. Well, I was vacuuming the floor of the initial cutting room after Ben had finished grinding and I got a butcher shop in my eye. Concrete dust blew upward into my face. I thought I had gotten it all cleaned out but apparently some remained which irritated my eye’s surface strongly. The inflamed eye turned into an infected eye. Probably if I had rinsed with the lubricating drops that would have helped. Wearing my swim goggles would have almost certainly prevented it but I didn’t have them on that time.

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Daily Spark: What medicine to you apply to a pig? Oinkment.

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8 Responses to Blurred Vision

  1. am in the pm says:

    Wishing a speedy recovery.

  2. skeptic7 says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Mike says:

    I hope that that you have every best of luck towards a quick eye healing, Mr. Jeffries.
    You have so many people rooting for you, no doubt at all.


  4. karl says:

    i hope it heals quickly. be careful.


  5. Bill Earle says:

    Here’s something I put together that works for all sorts of healing needs (cuts, burns, bruises, itches, aches, infections, etc., even tooth pain.)
    —equal parts coconut and olive oils (preferably organic) combined with approximately 25% DMSO and about 2% potassium iodide solution (Lugol’s solution works well). I also put in some Tea Tree oil but not much because the odor “offends” people.
    The oils are very healing on their own as is the DMSO which helps everything penetrate.
    You can use this concoction anywhere including internally although it may burn a little on sensitive tissues. I carry it with me in a modified nasal spray bottle all the time. You’ll need to shake it vigorously each time you use it because the oils will float on the DMSO and iodine (and the coconut oil will solidify if it gets cold.)
    By the way, California Olive Ranch is the only olive oil I’ve seen available (Ocean State Job Lot) that I know to be organic and pure. Almost all other brands are unknown/adulterated crap that come to us by way of the Sicilian Mafia.
    You can get DMSO online for a LOT cheaper than the little bottles in the store. The drug industry/FDA have restricted access to it (so the price goes up) because it works so well. And, don’t believe the scary stories!! It’s entirely non-toxic!! Just keep it clean because it’ll carry whatever is dissolved in it, through the skin.

    Just an aside…I’m the guy that “builds”, pours and ships your CMT materials.

    • Hi Bill, nice to ‘meet’ you after using the polyurea. We’re quite pleased with it. I don’t know much about DMSO or tea tree oil as I’ve never used them. What I have heard is that it helps other chemicals to penetrate membranes as you mention above.

      • Bill Earle says:

        That’s true as far as it goes.
        But DMSO has much more far reaching uses. As I alluded to above, it has almost miraculous health benefits.
        It decreases pain, increases “granulation” in wound healing (which means the new parts are smaller, cutting down on scarring), decreases inflamation and lots of other good stuff.
        Because it’s a byproduct of the lumber industry (they used to and still may just dump it in the outdoors) without intervention by the FDA it would be extremely cheap.
        Dr. Stanley Jacob is the pioneer on DMSO.
        ( )
        I read years ago that he had soaked volunteers in bathtubs full of it with no negative effects.
        A few years ago I developed raging tooth pain (in the middle of a blizzard) and couldn’t get out of the house. I swabbed straight DMSO on it and the pain stopped. It was so much better that even when the storm subsided I didn’t bother going to the doctor.

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