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Bad Aim

Smoking is an interesting vice. It seems that a percentage of the smoking population thinks the world is their ash can. If an ash can is provided they might aim in its general direction but I use the word ‘aim’ very loosely based on how often they miss the target. Greater than 90% of the butts were on the ground. Perhaps someone had recently emptied the can. Still, not looking good as the ones on the ground were pretty fresh.

Drinking is worse based on the beer can and liquor bottle population on the sides of our little travelled road.

Another vice is tires. Recently I watched a guy in a green shirt drive by in a dark (blue?) pickup truck. He was throwing tires out along the side of the road. I counted a dozen scattered along our land. It would have been more polite for him to come and ask me if I wanted them. I would have said yes – I use tires for things. Now I must collect them from the bushes along four miles of road side. Rather rude. But I got his photo.

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5 Responses to Vice Squad

  1. Patrick says:

    Post his photo on your local forum/blog/newspaper site.

    Shame still works on some people, though not as many as it should.

  2. Prairie_Fire says:

    Doesn’t Vermont have a redemption policy for cans and bottles? Not that it stops all littering, but it does seem to keep it down where we live (Iowa). The daughter and I went picking up after a college football game day last fall near us and came up with ~$5 in cans, for an hour’s work, at 5 cents/can (big money to her).

  3. Karen Cooper says:

    First of all, I found your blog a few months ago when we decided to get a breeding pair of pigs. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I have learned so much, and when I get to learning new things on here I get so excited and talk 100 miles a minute….my husband is awesome and just smiles while I share my new knowledge. :-)
    Our first litter is due the end of this month (March 2015). Boris is a Large Black and Cougar is 1/2 Large Black and 1/2 Mulefoot. (She got her name because she is 2 months older than Boris) I am hoping the piglets will be as great as I think their parents are.

    Anyways, this post got my hackles up! The gosh darn container is right there! What is wrong with people? Our country is such a neat place, and if we all take just a couple of extra seconds hit the trash containers, we can keep it looking that way. But instead they make work for the rest of us who care. We have a Conservation Area close by and in the summer they started putting out trash barrels, which I thought was a great idea. A lot of people ride their horses out there and camp (and drink a lot). I can’t take a ride out there without seeing lots of beer cans and miscellaneous other trash BESIDE the trash can! I try to clean up a bit then post it on my blog and sometimes Facebook. It makes me feel better at the moment.

    Thanks for such a great blog with so much information. I just read the Wife Swap post from 2006….it was great! I watched the show a couple of times and it made me feel heavy inside….what could be a neat learning experience for people is turned into pure drama for the sake of t.v. Ugh!

  4. Farmerbob1 says:

    As an ex-smoker (22 years on, 5 off now) who was always extremely careful about where my cigarette butts went, this drives me nuts too. Butts went in the butt-can or ashtray. If there was no butt-can, field-stripped butts went into my pocket or fanny pack (Yes, I frequently wore a fanny-pack when I was a smoker – it was quite handy to store smokes and butts.), to be transferred to a trash can later. Under no circumstances whatsoever did cigarette butts _ever_ hit the ground. Period. The Army taught me that, and it stuck.

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