Inspector’s Slab Garden

Inspector’s Parking Slab Garden

One of the requirements for the butcher shop is to have a parking space for the inspector, of course, and it should be paved. Paving isn’t something we have out here although that may seem rather odd to people used to more urban areas. Almost all of our roads are gravel and there is grass growing up the middle of many of our farm and forest roads. There’s not a lot of travel so paving isn’t a priority.

The reason for the paving requirement is to keep the dust and dirt on shoes down as well as to have an easily hosed down surface at the loading area and front door. That makes sense. We poured a 6″ thick concrete slab on washed stone to create the inspector’s parking slab. This was one of our simplest concrete pours.

At the south end of the slab I left a patch of ground for a small annual garden. You can see the marigolds, tomatoes and sunflowers growing here. This picture was taken just before the recent frost. All of the plants survived the frost although the tomato plants are a little burnt. I think the high thermal mass of the adjoining concrete slab gave them a bit of a warm micro-climate that helped them get through this light cold snap.

The reason I chose to plant annuals in this garden is that in the winter the tractor will plow over the garden to dump snow beyond it. I have three tiger lilies in there too so that I can see how some perennials will survive that process.

Just beyond the sunflowers you can see a stack of granite slabs we were using as a table and for construction materials.

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