Admin Polyurea

Front Hall of Butcher Shop

On Thursday Ben and I applied polyurethane to all the remaining walls and ceilings of the initial part of the butcher shop, what we call Admin which includes the front hall, inspector’s office, bathroom and initial cutting room a.k.a. iCutter. The picture above shows the front hall. To the immediate left is the inspector’s office, then the bathroom. The doorway to the right leads to the cutting room.

Since then Ben and I applied four coats of white polyurea primer to the initial cutting room as well as two coats in the bathroom and hall. They are now looking very white. A few days ago I mentioned the Inspector’s office being polyureaed such that it now has nice white walls. That was our second major test room for the polyurea. Prior to that we had done the laundry and small test patches earlier this year and last year. The polyurethane seals the concrete and then the polyurea builds up a thick, elastic, washable, durable, tough layer that is also easy to repair in the event of the inevitable need. I say tough, it’s the same material used for truck bed liner but smooth – unless I want it bumpy for traction on floors.
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