Ambulance Here

New Ambulance – The Backup Van

Yesterday we bought a new van, just like the old van. Well, new is a bit of a misnomer. It is new to us but we are the fourth owners. We are the third owners on our old van which is younger than the new van – I like a tool that lasts.

The new ambulance van is a 1986 Ford E-350 extended body ambulance with a 1968 engine and manual transmission with dual stick for creeping.

The old one, parked on the right, is a 2004 E-350 extended body passenger van.

Other than the year and small details like transmission and engine they are almost exactly the same. Quite importantly, it’s the same length as our existing white van so we can haul lots of pigs and back haul as well. Ironically, at 19′ 6″ in length the vans are each only 6″ shorter than our 20′ long tiny cottage. They’re also almost precisely half as wide as the cottage. Thus, between there two vans there is about the same amount of living space as in our home.
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