Who’s That Hawk?

Mystery Hawk – Click Image for Larger View

This bird was following me around as a made my morning rounds of the fields. It gave sharp short screams. I didn’t quite catch it’s name, perhaps Hudson Hawk.

At first I thought it was a red tailed hawk but the wing tips seem wrong looking closely at my blurry photo.

Then I thought perhaps a broad winged hawk. That looks closer both by the tail, patterns and wing tips but I’m not sure. Unfortunately it was at the edge of my camera’s optical telephoto range and a hard shot against the bright blue morning sky.

Ideas on identification? I’m sure it isn’t a peregrine falcon, turkey vulture or eagle all of which I have seen here at various times.

Either way its been hanging around screaming at me for about two weeks, tracking me on my walks. It doesn’t appear to be messing with the piglets, chickens or ducks. Just circles above me and screams time to time to get my attention. I wave and then after dipping it floats away on the wind, apparently satisfied for the moment.

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7 Responses to Who’s That Hawk?

  1. Anna says:

    I would say a Red-tailed Hawk from the red tail, belly band, and obvious buteo shape.

  2. Jeanie in NH says:

    You say the hawk is following you and crying out. I wonder if she is the spirt of a dearly departed one who is calling to you from the heavens. Could be her.

  3. Brian Martin says:

    Boy, the more I look at it I’m thinking it is a “fish hawk” AKA Osprey. perhaps a young one that left the nest recently and hasn’t quite figured things out yet

  4. Accidental Mick says:

    Just from its behaviour, I wonder if it is a trained hawk that has gone feral.

    It screams at you to tell you it is hungry then you wave at it with an empty hand which it takes as a command to search further afield. Be interesting to throw a piece of offal at it to see if it comes to ground.

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