Laundry Floor Pig

Pig in the Laundry

The laundry and the office of our butcher shop are non-critical rooms so they get to serve as practice for a lot of little techniques that we need to have perfect for the processing rooms.

Between my building up the layers of the floor we painted a pig. we did the pig with black polyurea and I added glitter in the layers of polyurea as well as sand. The latter two give a good grip to the floor so that we won’t slip and fall. The former is just for fun.

The floors of processing rooms in particular are often, or even shall we say, typically wet. They are also concrete. Falling down and breaking not-so-funny bones would be a pain in the butt. Thus the traction sand in the polyurea layers. The glitter also gives traction which is part of what I was experimenting with.

The problem is the good traction also makes it hard to clean the floor. There is balance in all things.

My conclusion is that I’ll do extreme traction on the abattoir floor which stays wet all the time during working hours, moderate traction in the walking paths of the other processing rooms like iCutter but under tables and counters where we don’t walk the floor will be smoother for easy cleaning. I find I get great traction barefoot even on the smooth polyurea. Sadly, I can’t go bear foot in the butcher shop – my claws would rip up the floor too much and the USDA would not approve.

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Daily Spark: She was crafty, creative, devious and delicious.

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  1. Sal says:

    RE: spark- Who got et this time?

  2. Julia says:

    That ear is perfect!

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