Butcher Shop Exterior

Butcher Shop Exterior Scaffolding

People often missunderstand what they’re seeing when they look at the exterior of the butcher shop, thinking that the porcupine like structure is the building. Actually, this is the scaffolding that kept us safe while working up high and the wooden form work we used as a mold when we poured the butcher shop.

The butcher shop itself has no wood but is made mostly of stone bound together with cement plus basalt, poly and steel fibers plus rebar. Separating the various shells of the building are layers of insulation. That is about 99% of the butcher shop by mass and about 90% by volume.

The next question visitors often ask is when we’ll take down the forms and scaffolding. The answer is, probably not for several years.

First of all, the exterior of the building is a great place to store the forms. If we took them down then we would need to find a place to store them. This way I know right where they are and they’re safely up off the ground so they’ll stay in good condition, ready for our next project. (Some of these have already served duty building the south field shed and our cottage.)

Additionally, to move the forms we would need to remove the scaffolding and we still have a little work we are going to do up high, such as installing refrigeration equipment, solar panels, etc. Leaving all this up in place means we’ll be able to work up high safely. Safety is very important.

When we need the forms and scaffolding wood for another project we’ll disassembling it all and parge the exterior of the building with an adobe plaster much like we did on our cottage. Someday in our spare time we’ll clad the building with stone – probably field stone and ledge rock from our mountain. Granite is rather a handy building material, long lasting and abundant here on Sugar Mountain.

Exterior stone work is a luxury project for the future. Right now we’re focused on practical projects like the interior of the butcher shop which is almost completed. Today I set the last piece of metal in the initial butchering room, iCutter, and Ben is giving it a final grind in preparation for coating the room with polyurea. We already sealed the laundry and office – they were our test rooms. This past Wednesday when we went down to Chicopee to get our next batch of hot dogs we also picked up the rest of the polyurethane and polyurea coatings we’ll need to finish off the hall, bathroom and iCutter.

Once we finish sealing the room ceilings, floors and walls I’ll be hooking up the final water, electric, gas and septic connections. Then it is on to HACCP/PR so we can get our license to open for cutting meat and sausage making.

Outdoors: 54°F/41°F Rainy
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/59°F

Daily Spark: Oreos are from the dark side but but within those evil cookies there is light… a light filling within the cookie just waiting to come out… to be untwisted… to be licked from the creamy center… to be released so the dark sides can be discarded, or eaten.

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  1. am in the pm says:

    Nice sign.

  2. janet Krill says:

    You and your family amazie me with all the detail that goes into your planning and your careful execution of your plans your making it happen. You are an amazing family!

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