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White Cluster Flowers

White Cluster Flowers Not yet identified. It’s that time of year for… Name That Flower!

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Happy Piglet Butts

Eager, Happy Piglet Butts at the Milk Bar This is a sight I get to see a lot on my daily walks out in the fields.

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Pollinating Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee on Goldenrod We have lots of pollinators. From tiny flies to bees to hummingbirds and more. This is a really good year for hummingbirds. Unlike what I’ve read in the papers we don’t seem to have any reduction … Continue reading

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Hope Dessert – Chocolate Cones

Homemade Chocolate Cone filled with Homemade Mint Ice Cream Despite appearances, and despite the delicious taste, this was not made at the New England Culinary Institute’s dessert kitchen. Rather, Hope, age 11, made these delicious chocolate cones filled with mint … Continue reading

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