Hope Dessert – Chocolate Cones

Homemade Chocolate Cone filled with Homemade Mint Ice Cream

Despite appearances, and despite the delicious taste, this was not made at the New England Culinary Institute’s dessert kitchen. Rather, Hope, age 11, made these delicious chocolate cones filled with mint ice cream, all from scratch.

Chocolate Mint Cones on Chocolate Doily

To present her creation Hope made a chocolate lace doily using a hand made paper piping bag by doing a bit of origami.

This spring I had bought a book on chocolate desserts for Hope and she has been treating our family about once a week, sometimes twice a week, to scrumptious after dinner delicacies.

There are certain rewards to teaching your children to cook from a young age…

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3 Responses to Hope Dessert – Chocolate Cones

  1. karl says:

    Yes we heartily agree. All of our kids have been cooking, rather something like cooking from a very young age. It is very troublesome at first but like most things in life effort spent early on usually pays back many fold later. My eldest Tristan 12 cooks at least half the meals since Georgiana was born.

  2. Sally Hurst says:

    I tell people my children cook in self-defence. We homeschooled, and my idea of serving lunch was to say, “It’s between 12 and 3; there’s the kitchen; go.” All four of them cook better than anyone they’ve dated.

  3. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    I raised my son on my own. Taught him basics, homestead standards, frying, boiling, and poaching eggs, making a roue, using that to float eggs and veggies, roasting and stews, making yoghurt, and so on. We smoked pork cuts, experimented with wild foods, even boiled a fox once . . . (good food!) When he went off to college, and I got laid off, almost simultaneously, he had to work to keep himself sustained. He wound up working in a sandwich shop on campus, and in various food establishments thereafter. He told me once that being assigned to perform the all-day roast of a baron of beef felt as satisfying as graduating UC Irvine Cum Laude.

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