Seventeen Thousand Comments

The other day we broke the four millionth visitor mark. Now we’ve broken the seventeen thousandth comment mark. Careful where you walk – Shattered records are littered all over the floor.

If you look in the right hand column you can see lists of the top commenters, top commented posts and favorite posts. Older posts are always open to comments and I see all new comments. One of the wonderful things about the web is how it reaches not only across space but across time.

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Daily Spark: What are the karmatic consequences when an evil person accidentally does good? That is to say, is it okay if we accidentally save the world?

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  1. Nance says:

    I always enjoy your posts. I don’t always comment . . . but I’d better get ‘with it’ if I want to maintain my 2nd place status. Your Sugar Mountain posts always make me think and a lot of times you make me chuckle. Keep ’em coming!

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