Doubly Delicious Raspberry

Double Berry Delicious

We have a lot of raspberry bushes. They thrive in our soil and climate. There are several varieties. This year I noticed we have some that are double berries.

Double Raspberry Stem

I first noticed one of these double raspberries up on the water line road while I was picking. “That’s odd I thought,” I thought. But then I found another and it was no longer odd. Then another which was odd again. Three? Tracing the stems I found all of them had come off the same stem.

I discovered a bunch more double berries on another stem nearby. Then once alerted to them I started finding more double berry delicious raspberries!

Apparently we have a mutation that has successfully reproduced creating a line of bushes which produce a large number of double berries. Since then I’ve found more bushes with the double berries.

Kind of cool!

The berry container in the top picture is simply a quart container with the lid slit in a half circle so berries drop in easily. This prevents berries from falling out if the container is dropped and stops bears from sticking their noses in to steal berries from the picking pail. You can strap these to your waist for two handed picking. When the container gets too high, we lift the flap to tuck more in filling a container in a pleasant walk up the water line road.

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2 Responses to Doubly Delicious Raspberry

  1. am in the pm says:

    Thinking of patenting double raspberries ,sounds like a plan ?

    • Except I’m against patents and extremely against patenting any forms of life. Nobody should have the right to patent life – Nature as all the prior art. On engineering things, the ideas are virtually always obvious and don’t deserve any patent protection. I come up with a dozen new ideas a day that could be patented but ideas are a dime a dozen. If it is worthwhile, people should have to prove it in the market and make money selling it not blocking other people. Sore topic for me.

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