Very Low Airplane

Very Low Flying Airplane 2014-08-20 ~16:45

I would estimate that this private looking plane was less than 100′ over our cottage roof. That’s below the legal limit of 500′ per the FAA. Very loud and obnoxious. If it were much lower I would have to add him to my “Found Objects” list.

I wish the FAA cared enough to fine these bozos. I’m glad we don’t have flying cars buzzing around.

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6 Responses to Very Low Airplane

  1. Dan Moore says:


    I am a pilot and the FAA does care quite a bit about flying below the legal limit. If you can get the tail number, the date, and the time, the local FSDO office should investigate and if they find proof the plane was too low, there should be sanctions on the pilot.

  2. Prairie_Fire says:

    I wonder how the FAA regulates crop dusters? Those folks fly scary close to the ground. I’m not real crazy about their payload either.

  3. Stacy says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. We have the same bozos down here. All they manage to do is scare everything.

  4. Pablo says:

    I’ve been told that these low flyers might be law enforcement looking for marijuana crops. Or they might be bozoz.

  5. Brian Martin says:

    Next time your in Morrisville or Berlin see if you can find that plane parked With a paint job like that its hard to hide

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