Grizzly in the Attic

Grizzly Dust Collector in Upper Mech

This is an industrial style dust collector. I spotted one at a very good price and picked it up. It works. It has a powerful 240v motor at 3 HP and 2350 cubic-feet per minute of air movement. I would have favored 3Ø power for this since we have it now but it is what it is.

Did I mention Grizzly’s are loud? Not the motor so much but the sound of it sucking wind. The Grizzly is so loud that we gave it’s a cage of its own where it can roar away. Still, you want to use ear protectors if you’re in the room it’s sucking air from. It’s loud. Did I mention it’s loud? Perhaps you couldn’t hear me over the Grizzly…

The Grizzly has three 4″ air intakes and every one of them will grab you and try to suck you in. Keep your hands outside the bars at all times.

The Grizzly is located at the center of our building in the Upper Mech. We ran duct work that can be switch around to the various rooms so that when we’re doing grinding or polyurea the Grizzly is bringing us fresh air by emptying the rooms. It takes 13 seconds for it to empty the inspector’s office – or at least that this the theoretical air exchange. The Grizzly “empties” the laundry in a mere 3.25 seconds. It feels like it.

When we’re grinding rooms we drape them off with plastic and control where the inflowing air will come from so as not to get fine concrete dust through out the building. We wear special fine filter dust masks but that doesn’t help with being able to see. While grinding the room quickly becomes a fog of dust where you can’t see more than 20 cm. At least that was how it was before the Grizzly.

Now with the Grizzly sucking in all the dust and emptying the room so fast the air looks almost normal. We still use the dust masks but at least now we can see our work.

In addition to being handy for the grinding the air flow is really nice for when I’m doing epoxy, polyurea, polyurethane, PVC pipes and other stinky work. Previously I left the doors and tower open and used a fan to boost the cross flow. It helped. The Grizzly makes it so I’m breathing clean fresh air. I like.

Kudos to Ben who hauled the Grizzly upstairs via the ladder and set it up with all its duct work so all I had to do was wiring!

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2 Responses to Grizzly in the Attic

  1. You may already know Matthias Wandel. I really like his search for the perfect (quiet) blower. By now he has come up with an incredibly compact and clever (quiet) design of a DIY dust collector. Google for woodgears+dust+collector+plans or use URL

    • Thanks, Hugo. I’ll have to check it out. I already have a design I’ve done that is ultra-quite and uses no motors, just a tower effect, but we’ll not finish that for a couple of years. That is the tower on the butcher shop. It’s base is already constructed. With the 20′ of head we have now it pulls a good draft. With another 20′ of planned head I think it will do very nicely for our ventilation system. The Grizzly is a good solution for now but I don’t want to listen to it roar for ever nor pay the ongoing electric bill – it’s hungry.

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