Whey Extending

Watery Whey

While it might seem like we get a lot of whey, it is inconsistent and we don’t get nearly as much as the pigs would drink if they could. Our solution is quite simple, we water down the drinks at the bar until a new shipment arrives.

Like with alcoholic drinks, our clientele, the pigs, do mind. They do not like the watered down whey nearly as much as full strength. But they drink it because we’re the only tavern in town. In the case of the trough above it’s down to almost pure water and there is much griping around the old watering hole about how the bartender and the quality of what’s being served.

Adding water to the whey tanks helps flush them clean and what comes out, what had settled, is good food. But there comes a point when the whey is looking pretty clear. What’s flowing out of the whey pipe in the picture just behind this pig’s nose from the tank up on the hill looks like pure water. And she’s not happy about that.

By diluting the whey we keep the troughs full and the pigs keep up their water consumption, which is important in hot weather. Pigs are quite sensitive to dehydration a.k.a. Salt Sickness. Since they are in the habit of drinking a lot of fluids at the whey troughs, keeping them filled with water helps even though there is another blue half barrel waterer right behind the pig with flowing crystal clear mountain spring water. Still, she prefers the whey trough water perhaps because like tea it has a slight flavor.

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6 Responses to Whey Extending

  1. am in the pm says:

    Neat solution to extending supply.

  2. Eric Hagen says:

    With the flowing springs through your paddocks are you concerned about eutrophication downstream, or do you mitigate that somehow?

  3. Jessy K says:

    Our pigs have access to clean cold water all the time but they always choose to drink out of their mud wallow. I guess its mud tea!

  4. Kris says:

    Hi Walter,

    Do you know where I could find info on skim milk feeding hogs? I am wondering how much each hog start to finish could drink and how much grain it would save.


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