Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace

Daucus Carota or wild carrot. The flowers on my carrots left over from last year look very similar.

The bud in the center is supposed to be red, to represent where Queen Anne pricked herself but ours are black. I guess the blood got old and clotted.

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Daily Spark: It is best to second guess yourself before you leap.

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4 Responses to Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. Jim says:

    Of course your flower has black instead of red for the center flower. I bet you have block hollyhock – I’ve really heard of them but never seen them. So many surprisses up on sugar mountain!

    • I do have black Hollyhocks. How did you ever know. I selected them over a period of years. They’re beautiful. Morticia loves them. We also have Blackeyed Susans but I swear I never hit them! (They’re compulsive liars so don’t listen to a thing they say…)

  2. Mark Johnsonk says:

    Everything on Sugar Mountain is just a little different, just a little more intriging, just a little extra special. Just like the song says. I love it!! I am loving all these flower pics too! Keep them coming!

  3. Nance says:

    We have Queen Anne’s Lace here in Iowa and Missouri . . . our center blossom is red. My hollyhocks are white, or cream. hmmm . . . . can’t explain that.

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