Chicory Colors Blue & Pink

Chicory and Timothy

These are chicory flowers in blue and pink. We also have violet and white. The lower one is a faded pink. As the flower gets old it loses its color. The chicory starts blooming in early summer and continues late into fall.

Pigs love chicory and it is good for them. There is research that says it prevents boar taint but I have a suspicion that it is more the fiber in the diet that is helping with the skatole based taint than the chicory specifically. However, I’m not sure.

We didn’t used to have chicory although I do see it down in the lower valleys. We planted what we have back in 2010 and it has reseeded very nicely. It certainly thrives in our soils, reseeds well and comes back from the root stock early in the spring.

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4 Responses to Chicory Colors Blue & Pink

  1. JessicaR says:

    Walter I just love your photos especially the flowers. You are a an amazingly talented person. Farmer-writer-photographer-builder!

  2. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Walter, have you ever tried using chicory as a coffee substitute or additive? I’ve read about that often, but never having met the plant in person, have never experimented.

    Since you profess welcoming corrections, it’s “valleys”, plural, not “valley’s” possessive . . . just reducing future work load . . . Earnestly recommend Eats Shoots and Leaves as part of your homeschooling regimen. Great litnazi fare. And funny.

    We’re at a moderate 88 degrees today. A relief from the over 100 temps lately. Could you please send N. California a rainstorm or two? (Dry whimper).

    • I’ve read that the root can be a coffee substitute but I’m not a coffee drinker so I’ve never explored it. It’s very easy to grow. And thanks for the edits! Nasty little typo that totally changes the meaning. Fixed! You’re about 20°F higher than us and 2°F higher than our record high… I’m happy to let you keep those temperatures and suffer our winters! Sending rain… Beware!

  3. Nance says:

    we only have the blue (purple) chicory. I have known that it used to be used for coffee but this coffee drinker is too lazy. I’ll buy it. Maybe when I have nothing else to do, I’ll research chicory coffee and try to make it. It is fun to think about!

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