Blue Mushrooms

Blue Mushrooms

One of the fun things about cameras is they let me see details I can’t see with my eyes like these tiny blue mushrooms by the stone table at the upper reservoir pond.

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5 Responses to Blue Mushrooms

  1. wacky internet comment guy says:

    I think those are pleated inkcap or some mushroom that’s related to them. Parasola Plicatilis would be the latin name if that is what they are, but you’d have to start measuring the spores if you really wanted to know. Your camera’s depth of field didn’t get the whole mushroom body, but it got a sure focus on the left cap; It’s a good picture and they look like they just popped up into the fresh dew. It’s too bad that one bug had to selfishly photobomb you.

  2. karl says:

    I admit that I use my i-phone to take photos of things that i cannot focus closely enough on. I do this regularly. I stopped bringing my reading glasses with me every where and opt for my phone as my optical crutch instead of glasses. Getting old, I guess…


  3. Bob says:

    I spotted one of those beauties once before. I got a photo somewhere. They are very interesting. This is a nice shot for sure.

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