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Call to the Darkest Night

Lili White on Snow A few minutes later a lone wolf howled on the hill from the shadows of sunlight. A strange mournful sound. An unusual call. Rarely given. Rarely heard. Three times he called. And then there was silence.

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Brimming with Milk

Black Sow and Piglets This is her first litter, thus she’s what is termed a Parity 1 sow. Before the litter was born she was a gilt – that is to say a ‘Miss’ in the parlance of pig production. … Continue reading

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Man the Torpedoes!

Ben Loading Torpedos Our van does not have surface to air missiles, contrary to rumors.†

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Piggy Back

Me and My Pig – Walter Carrying Roaster Pigs get to a size where carrying them gets a bit more difficult like with this 80 lb roaster. The fact that he objected to being picked up added to the challenge. … Continue reading

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