Washer Drier In Place

Washer and Drier in Laundry Closet

As a USDA Inspected meat processing facility (a.k.a. a butcher shop) we’ll need to provide laundry services to the USDA inspector for their smocks and other work cloths. Visitors who’ve toured our butcher shop under construction have been surprised by this.

This is no great burden for we need laundry services for ourselves. We could hire this out as many butchers do but we are rather far out in the sticks to be getting that sort of regular delivery. It is far less expensive and far more convient to just do it ourselves.

With that in mind I designed from the beginning space into our nano-scale butcher shop where we could have a laundry. With such a small building space is at a premium so a stacking washer drier makes sense. However, I did not like the looks of the method of stacking so Will built me a stainless steel shelf that the drier sits on above the washer. This removes the vibration of the drier from the body of the washer, and vis-a-versa. This should make both of them last longer.

These are special sanitizing units that clean at a high temperature so that we’ll get not just whiter whites but “deader” cloths – that is to say, sanitized smocks, towels and the like.

Keep it clean, keep it cool, keep it cloistered.

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  1. am in the pm says:

    Deader clothes ? Well this is a butcher shop and you also wants the bacteria dead. Gained a home laundry in the process .

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