Raspberry Bounty


This year we are seeing an enormous crop of raspberries along the fence lines and path sides of our fields. The ones in the picture are the second crop, coming in strong as the first crop of the much larger red raspberries that we’ve been picking since early July. Each is a different variety and the first is not yet reaching it’s peak. Beyond them in time I see two more varieties and then the blackberries coming in August.

We tend to have a lot of wild fruit but this is an unusually strong year. I guess they like the warm weather with just the right amount of rain that we’ve been getting. That combined with us having opened up the forest in patches has created more habitat and biodiversity that released a lot of plants and increased the number of birds and other wild animals.

The pigs love the berry plants too. The problem is the pigs eat them right down to the roots, including the roots, thorns and all. Thus for raspberries that I want to keep I double fence them. This also creates reserves of plants that are able to seed into the pastures.

Outdoors: 78°F/54°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/64°F

Daily Spark: Nothing makes food taste so good as break fast.

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