Hammer Head Found

Old Hammer Head

This is not my hammer.
This is not my head.
This is probably not from in my lifetime.

While walking out in the far south field I found this hammer head that the pigs had dug up by one of the stone walls. They find all sorts of interesting objects and leave them on the surface for me. Lots of rocks which I add to the walls. Sometimes a glass bottle, a man’s boot with the man not in it. Pieces of tractors and agricultural equipment. Old porcelain insulators.

All these items are reminders that this land has history.[1, 2, 3] There used to be an entire village where our land lays across these mountains and the valley. All the houses are gone now except our farm house, which ironically was the first house in the valley and so it is the last.

This hammer is not a style I recognize so I suspect it is quite old. It had a wooden handle at one point but that is long gone. Maybe someone out there knows hammers and recognizes the make and time period when these were used.

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6 Responses to Hammer Head Found

  1. If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the evening, I’d hammer in the morning but never at dusk. Those pigs. They do find the best stuff they do they not?

  2. wacky internet guy says:

    I think that hammer deserves a second chance at life. It looks to have many good years ahead of it. Drop it in some old pickle juice or if your fancy you could use a small power supply and set up an electrolysis bath. Ash makes great handles, but I suspect you have a healthy supply of maple branches available.

    • Ah, but I have other hammers who might get jealous. In fact, I have so many hammers of so many sizes that I really ought to use nails more often. Sledge hammers, maul hammers, stone hammers, brick hammers, pick hammers, framing hammers, rubber hammers, leather hammers, tack hammers, finish hammers… My but I have a lot of hammers. I guess they wouldn’t mind too much if another joins the crowd.

  3. Patrick says:

    You picked it up. That means one of two things:

    – The hammer is not Mjölnir
    – You are Thor

    Pray for the former, because I’ve seen the movie and it’s a whole lotta mess if #2 proves true.

  4. Peter says:

    At least it is not a hammerhead shark. ;-)

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