On Balance

Hope on High Bar

For her birthday Will and Ben made gymnastic equipment for Hope. Will made a bar for her to work on that goes between the treehouse tree and a nearby tree. Below he built up a deep soft pad of wood chips, then hay, then a tarp to cushion landings.

Hope on Beam

Ben built a balance beam using one of the old beams from the hay shed we dismantled1, 2] when we built the butcher shop. It is padded with burlap and Hope is already cartwheeling along it.

Outdoors: 70°F/50°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/63°F

Daily Spark: Sign on our road with daisy’s next to it simply says, “Slow Down.”

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  1. Mark Johnsonk says:

    I absolutely love how creative and industrious and talented your kids and your whole family is! You all amaze me. I wish I grew up on Sugar Mountain. Lolipop trees have nothing over the real place in Vermotn where the Jeffreys live!

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