Mixed Piglet Ages

Piglets Nursing

The lower south field is filling up with piglets as the last sows in that cohort farrow. We’re now up to 95 born in July over a ten day spread. The ones out of Little Lots in the photo above are the oldest in this pasture. If the age spread were much greater than this then the larger ones can be a problem stealing colostrum from newborn piglets.

One thing that can help is distance. This set of paddocks are each long and thin. They’re about 80′ or so wide but perhaps 600′ long. That length gives privacy because the piglets don’t tend to adventure very far from the nest at this age. In another week they’ll be travelers, ranging further as they gain independence and start eating more pasture.

Partially with this in mind we aren’t adding new gestating sows to this group. That way the entire cohort of piglets will all be within a two week span which works well. It doesn’t always work out that way but that is a good goal grouping.

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