South Field Sow Labor – Name that Sow

Sow in Labor

This lady is birthing, that is to say farrowing piglets. I came across her in the lower south field which is full of a dozen late gestation sows and 49 newborn piglets from this week. She had built not one but three nests under the shade of an aspen tree. Such industry.

I suspect the reason she built several nests was that the shade of the tree kept moving so she would build a nest yesterday and then build another once the shadow of the tree changed places. The result is she was all ready for her big event, in triplicate.

I found her just as a piglet was born, number five of nine, and managed to get video of there to the end when the second placenta came out one hour later. That’s about twelve minutes per pig for those who are counting and curious about such things. Each piglet took about 10 to 15 minutes to clean itself off and circle around her to a teat, typically going up along her back side and over her nose but a few around her legs.

Typically the sows give birth without me being around but it is fun to get to observe the whole, or most, of the process once in a while. Watching was an opportunity to think about how to improve the farrowing pastures as I’m working on some new fencing ideas.

The sow did an excellent job, staying still and quiet in her farrowing trance the entire time. The only thing she said was “Go Away” to Little Lots, one of our #2 Large Black line sows who came over to investigate at one point. Little Lots left and the sow who has no human given name quietly continued with her breathing exercises as she gave birth.

This raises an interesting point. I know each and every sow, every breeder and most feeders. We have names for most of the breeders since we need to talk about them often. But I’m not a language based person so I don’t give names unless I need to talk about something. This sow is who she is. I know her. She knows me. I doubt she has a spoken name for me, just as I have no spoken name for her. Maybe she names me by a smell. I name her in my head by what she looks like – I have mental pictures of her. Yet, no spoken name for either of us.

Since she has given birth to two litters and passed the trials of breeding perhaps we should have a little contest giving her a human name…

Sow Naming Contest

Prize: Sugar Mountain Farm Calendar 2014. See these past calendars.

How To Enter: Leave a suggested name in the comments section and fill in your email address so I can contact you if you win. Bonus points for explinations of reasons for names.


  • Names must be unique – I don’t reuse names;
  • Names must be polite;
  • Names can be of people, living or dead;
  • Names must be easily pronounceable without abbreviating;
  • Must be a name I can easily call over long distances;
  • Limit one entry per comment;
  • Limit three entries per person;
  • All entries must be received via the comments section – no email, phone or other entries will be considered;
  • Entries must be time stamped by midnight of August 31st, 2014 by my web server;
  • Contestants must reside on planet Earth and have a shipping address that doesn’t cost more than $15 in postage – I think that covers worldwide shipping for the calendars;
  • I may pick multiple names and use them for future pig names – this means multiple winners in that case;
  • I get final say; and
  • I get to make up new rules if I want to cover something more.

Fine Print: No monetary value. No entry fee. Just fun. Void where prohibited. Walk on the grass, barefoot. Watch out for turds.

Background on this sow:

  • A great mother;
  • 16 months old – that’s about 23 years in Human;
  • Second litter;
  • Nine piglets in this litter;
  • Eight piglets in her last litter;
  • Same cohort as Spitzon but not related to him;
  • Spitzon was the father to her piglets;
  • Yorkshire type looking sow from the Mainline;
  • Excellent conformation, good growth rate;
  • Very white, blond hair, perky upright ears, long eye lashes, all natural, 14 teats;
  • Measurements: 56-56-56CCCCCCC;
  • Not sure what her dress size is as I’ve never seen her clothed;
  • One stud earring in her left ear lobe – no other body piercings, tattoos, etc;
  • Her sign is Aries and she likes long walks on the mountain, big husky guys who foam at the mouth, skinny dipping in the mud wallow, the social scene but not into night life; and
  • She’s quite friendly and calm but by no means anyone’s pet.

Leave your name suggestions in comments!

Outdoors: 80°F/62°F Sunny & Some Rain
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/63°F

Daily Spark: In the future everything will be free, for 15 minutes.

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48 Responses to South Field Sow Labor – Name that Sow

  1. Sarah T says:

    Nillachanning, nilla for vanilla since shes blond and channing for Carol Channing for the eye lashes. I love the spotted piglets.

  2. am in the pm says:

    Pork Suey – a take off on chop suey (isn’t suey similar in sound to sooey what people associate calling hogs ?) unless you already had one named previously. Anyway that’s my try at name.

    • *grin* Fortunately we don’t call “Sooooeeee” to call pigs so that is a possibility. I would go with just “Suey” as that would be easier to call. To call in pigs we call out “Heeeearrrr Pig-Pig-Pig” which works well across the mountain and valley. It uses a high tone that carries well.

  3. Jeremy Loucks says:

    I think this lovely lady should be named “Kate” as in “Kate Upton” since she is both lovely and talented, and Angelina shouldn’t be the only superstar with a celebrity name. As Walter said, she is “very white, blond hair, perky upright ears, long eye lashes,and all natural” with fantastic measurements. Furthermore, both ladies are “quite friendly and calm but by no means anyone’s pet.” :D

    • Kate would work as I can call that long distance although I might go with the pronounciation “Kay-tee” as that is even more callable. Sounds like I need to add that to the list of rules since I only use names I can call out easily and clearly.

  4. Nikki Artus says:

    I think you should name the pig ‘Tres Leches’ like the dessert for her three milking nests. :)

  5. Joan Teebagy says:

    How about Shadow or Shadow Chaser or Chaser? She seemed to be chasing the tree’s shadow.

  6. Kim R says:

    Maureen O’Hara, O’Hara for short. From the 1950’s movies like The Parent Trap, I always thought she would be an excellent, protective and nurturing mother. One that would take no flack!

  7. Eileen Matthai says:

    For SOME reason, the only name that comes to mind is Dapple. I realize that’s a weird name for a white hog, but the shade of the tree she’s under ALMOST gives her the same pattern as some of her offspring.
    Oh, and I tried it out, I just yelled it out the front door, my dogs may think I’ve lost it, but it DOES have a nice ring to it, it carries well across the pasture, far as I can tell… ;)

  8. Ooo… We are getting some excellent names for my list for not just this pig but others so I have added a new rule that I reserve the right to pick multiple winners. I’ve also learned some new things looking up suggested names on Wiki. Fantastic tool.

  9. Hollie England says:

    Triple Threat or TT for short since she made three nests.

  10. Patrick Shaw says:

    well the first name seems too obvious but fits well: Shadow

  11. Edmund Brown says:

    Hatty, short for for “Hat-trick” (three nests)

  12. Emily says:

    Will she learn and respond to her name?

  13. How about Isis after the ancient Egyptian mother goddess? My son and I have been reading “The Heroes of Olympus” series which triggered this name. I also like Lili, from your previous post.

  14. ron says:

    She already has a name, No Name

    I used to work with guy who had 3 sons, 2 always in trouble, who he talked about all the time, the 3rd, good kid, straight a’s never got mentioned at all.
    When i met him, i couldn’t remember his name, so i just called him”No Name”.
    His family and friends soon called him that.
    He liked it. It made him different.
    One high school basket ball game, score was tied,he made the winning point.

    The crowd was chanting,”No Name, No Name, No Name…..”

    So i think it is perfect for her

  15. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Yoga Pig. She does deep trance breathing and maintains position well.

  16. Ram Nieves says:


    I suggest TRIPLE. Just triple for her 3 nests built.


  17. Dawn Carroll says:

    I had a Middle White sow that looked much like this one. I named her Pug for her pug nose. She was very sweet and was also a great mother. Before I had better fencing she would take her piglets down the road for walks…I would step out the front door and call her home. And home she would come at a high trot with piglets running and barking. Of course I would reward her return with food. The biggest litter she had for me was 23 and raised them all with a little help of course. She had her favorite boar too and she was always in love with him. So my nomination for a name is Pug.

  18. Hi there
    Have been enjoying your site for years – thank you for your engaging earthy style.
    I think the sow should be called Bessie.
    We are beginning a farm project in the western highlands of Victoria in Australia.
    My passion is pigs so am endlessly interested in your stories.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Mama. Because she does it so well.

  20. Julie D. says:

    When I first saw her picture, she made me think of P!NK, the rock singer.
    She has fair skin, platinum blond hair, is independent, wants five children ( currently pregnant with her 2nd) and is friendly, but by no means anyone’s pet. Fits.

  21. Heather H. says:

    I just found your site tonight and am having fun with the idea of naming one of your pigs. We raise pigs at our farm. Picking the names is one of my favorite things. My daughter named our cream colored gilt Opal. For your girl, Indie sounds right. She seems to be an independant mom. If you don’t use it I surely will in the future.

  22. Has Lili been taken? I just noticed the rule for one name per comment. I had tacked Lili on in my first suggestion. Lili, for tiger lili from your previous post.

  23. Brian Martin says:

    She reminds me of my sow I had when I was keeping pigs her name was Lilly

  24. Alrighty then. Here is my third and final attempt at naming your lovely sow. I am suggesting Gala. No real reason. I just like it. And maybe this sow is the apple of some boar’s eye!

  25. Diane Mc Donald says:

    I immediately thought of Pinky but someone else chose Pink. So Blenda. not Belinda but sing song like Blennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hey what can I say , I name cats and dogs great but this is my first try at a pig name.

  26. Eric Hagen says:

    I like the name Delia for a milking cow or a sow

  27. Sue K says:

    Lady Madonna….”children at your feet” (Lady or Madonna when called).
    Trio…for the three nests.
    Suethree…for me and the nests!

  28. Susan says:

    Milk Bar. I think the reasoning is obvious!

  29. james says:

    how about coy i use it to call my cows up works well over distance

  30. monte says:

    Since aries is the first sign of the zodiac, call her Zodi. That may sound like jody from afar though.

  31. Farmer Erika says:

    I have a small herd but everyone gets a name once they do something fitting…of course folks who don’t name their animals have fun naming mine, too ;)

    That said though shes not quite fitting the discription I’d suggest Xena. Xena apparently managed to give birth juuuuust fine…then went and kicked butt right after. hopefully she doesn’t have to give birth but its a good name for shouting.

  32. Amy Seekins says:


  33. Boxerman says:

    I’m an old farm kid and I’m going to start raising my pigs in the spring. Anyway, I thought you may like this name. Leeshka. (lee) (sh) (ka). Someone told me that it’s an Hungarian term of endearment. I named on of my female Boxers Leeshka and most people like it after they say it a few times and know the story behind it.

  34. Megan says:

    My kids (7, 5, and 3) are each going to try a name so here goes :)…

    O says Juno

  35. Megan says:

    B says Bonnie

    O is the 3 year old, L is 5, and B is 7. Names are abbreviated for their safety. :)

  36. Tiffany says:

    Ok this one just came to mind and i dont know why LOL. How about Pickles its a cute name. I think i may have to name a pig that.

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