Door Hung – Inspection Visit

iCutter Door

Above is the door from the hall to the initial cutting room (iCutter). Will finished welding it this week and we just hung it. Down to the left you can see the shim that lifts the door so the epoxy can cure with the door perfectly level.

Welded on Barrel Vault Hinge with Buttress Cove

The barrel hinges are the same style as in the bathroom which provide durable support for heavy doors.

Ben Holding Door Prior to Install

While the epoxy cures Will is working on making the window for the door. The window is up high to avoid damage from shoulders and carts but it will let us see if someone is on the other side of the door before opening it and let light into the cutting room from the hall which in turn gets light from the outdoors.

Epoxy Hinge Holes

Once the epoxy is set we’ll take the door back down so its handles and window can be installed and then Will will polish it up before the final hanging.

Epoxy Hinge Socket

Today I wired up all the cutting room equipment and powered up the three phase electric converter that provides the power for the heavy motors in the grinder and meat bandsaw. Everything ran the right direction, that is to say the intended counter clockwise direction so the blades will cut properly. One of the tricks with three phase equipment is the motors will run backwards if the wiring is reversed.

Hinge Setting

The bandsaw is quite loud, as expected, but the big meat grinder is amazingly quiet. We will be wearing hearing protection while working – a normal thing for us on the farm and construction site.

At the end of the day I worked on hanging the three phase converter high up in the office. The sockets are epoxied in to the concrete wall and curing now as I write. This puts the converter near the incoming power service so I can easily distribute three phase power where needed for the grinder, saw now and later the emulsifier (Hot Dogs) and scalder (pig washing machine) for when we later start doing slaughter.

In other big news the Vermont state head of Meat Inspection Department came for a visit yesterday morning. He was very impressed with everything we were doing. It was really good to get a chance to pass things by his eyes and pick his brain again. We have several things mocked up and others done as first versions like tables, counters, shelves and such that we’ll be making more of.

Handles are inset to minimize profile in rooms.

He was so pleased with all that he saw that he said we would be likely be able to quickly achieve inspection once construction is done and he does his final walk through. That was very encouraging. I had heard from other people who built butcher shops that it typically took one to six months to work through the inspection process. Our attention to detail and meticulous construction will pay off by meeting and exceeding the standards and regulations. In the long run that will also mean easier sanitation, maintenance, safety, higher quality and better longevity for the building and equipment.

Silly Faced Hope with Sirius D’Woof at the Door
Braced Door as Epoxy Sets

This week we also did our second run through with Cole Ward, the butcher we apprenticed with. As we get close to the end of construction for the initial cutting room these visits from various inspectors and our butchering mentor are more frequent since we’re doing the fine details now. Cole just did a work shop up near Burlington and will be doing another probably in September. I’ll announce it on my blog when I get details from Cole.

More progress! A big thanks to everyone who has helped us to get here with CSA Pre-Buys, Kickstarter and personal loans! We’re approaching the date we’ll be able to start shipping meat from our own on-farm butcher shop!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Congrats. That door looks cool and I know there was some work put into it.

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