Remembering Before European Censors

Real Pigs behaving like Real Pigs

Everyone should make a link on their blog to this article:

To quote from an article to give Google-context:

All weekend, wave after wave of schadenfreude has been crashing on the head of Stan O’Neal, the chairman of Merrill Lynch. After Merrill announced those colossal losses on inventories of sub-prime loans reprocessed into noxious collateralised debt obligations, O’Neal could not survive.
Robert Peston for BBC News

The European courts have ruled that Google must remove links when arses demand to be forgotten. I like the quote comparing this censorship by Europeans as to being like giving them the right to walk into libraries in other countries and burning the books they don’t like.

Now what’s really going to happen is Mr. Stan O’Neal is going to get remembered even better because he demanded to be forgotten for his bad boy activities. This is called the Striesand Effect. He should have looked it up before he pulled this stunt. What he’s doing is creating more references instead of being forgotten. Now we’ll talk about his wanting to be forgotten which reminds us all of his bad behavior.

For some strange reason the European courts think that history is something that they should get to edit. Never mind that it is written in someone else’s books and stored in someone else’s libraries. The European courts are trying to rewrite history the world over. Their ruling will allow those with power and money to rewrite the contents of the internet so that it is favorable to them, ignoring the truth, despising the truth, deleting the truth.

Do your part to make links to things the European courts are censoring and fight back to this nonsense. Leave similar story links in comments and do them on your blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Holographic memory is impossible to erase despite the nonsense demands from European courts.

Every once in a while a bunch of people in black robes does something really, really stupid. This is an example. The best thing to do is nod our heads and comply with the letter of the law, making a total mockery of them. The decision will be like a cold wet fish slapping them in the face until they reverse it. Reminds me of a bloody Monty Python comedy.

Note that this is not Google‘s fault. They’ve fought this nonsense tooth and nail.

Update 20140714: Now we have which remembers things Google has been forced to forget.

Update 20140731: An interesting response from Google about difficulties of forgetting. So, I wonder, what happens if Google simply forgot the European Commission instead?

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Daily Spark: Government is an ironic mockery of civilization.

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4 Responses to Remembering Before European Censors

  1. wacky internet comment guy says:

    Now that most information stored by governments is digital, it only takes a click of a button to re-write their history or delete it (a well timed hard drive failure can come in handy too). Governments used to have to invade foreign lands to set fire to the opponrent’s libraries. Just think of it as progress, now they control others without war and violence.

  2. Belseth says:

    It’s just rubbing salt in the wounds that these thieves avoided any jail time and now they get to use the law to wipe out the record of their crimes.

  3. Farmerbob1 says:

    Happened to notice a misspelling here, Walter.

    “Stiesand Effect” needs an ‘r’

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